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I have.. returned? [Jan. 31st, 2012|10:47 pm]
Kyuu/Neko-san's Livejournal
[Current Mood |blahblah]
[Current Music |The New Cities - Heatwave]

Chances are if you barely see anything here or anyone who has seen this journal in the past may see that some things are gradually going away since, really, I am changing this journal around and this includes eyesthatoverlap since yea, changing stuff around. Moving old stuff.

Sorry to say that I will not be doing anything Naruto. Though at this point might be originals or whatever I am into or want to do. Moving on in stuff so yea.

Things will gradually change from here on. 
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Colourbars... [Apr. 26th, 2006|08:25 pm]
Kyuu/Neko-san's Livejournal
[Current Mood |bouncybouncy]
[Current Music |YGO - Opening 5 - Overlap]

Ne... bored enough that I made a colour bar.. well one that I don't think I ever saw anywhere.. ... this entry is for colour bars although might end up making this in my other LJ because I wanna ^^;;

Yami Malik is Psycho love.♥♥♥

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< img src=" http://i35.photobucket.com/albums/d199/kyuuketsukineko/ymalik_love.jpg " border="0" width="600" height="117">
< a target="_blank" href=" http://kyuketsukineko.livejournal.com/10277.html ">Yami Malik is Psycho love.♥♥♥</ a>< /center>

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(no subject) [Aug. 16th, 2005|11:22 pm]
Kyuu/Neko-san's Livejournal
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
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