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1 January
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....Colour bars.... note to you they're NOT by me..


Mithos is Schizophrenic Love

Zelos Wilder is Love Lust

Tales of Symphonia is Love

Atemu angst is love

Thief King Bakura is love

Envy is Love

Yami Yugi x Yugi is love

First Series Yuugiou is Love!

Malik is love.

Yami Malik is Psycho love.♥♥♥
THIS is the only thing I have made! ^^;;

Gravitation is yaoi love

Yazoo/Loz/Kadaj Is Brotherly Love

Kadaj is Psychotic Love

Loz is Under-Appreciated Love

Yea I love yaoi...so? DEAL with it!

Little pairing banners (also not made by me XP)

Claimed @ claimsfromygo

Uke Bakura
Seme Malik
Thiefshipping (OTP! ♥♥♥)
First Series Yami
First Series Ryou and Bakura
Yami x Ryou x Yuugi
Diceshipping (Otogi/Duke x Bakura)
Mythshipping (Malik x Isis/Ishizu) (because I am weird XP)
Seme Thief King Bakura
Uke Ryou
Uke Yuugi
Seme Ryou (in Heartshipping to me XD)
Uke Yami
Seme Yami
Uke Atemu
Seme Yami Malik
Cute little Child Ryou in First Series
Out of Character Adorably-Uke Bakura (weeeeee)

Battle City (YES!)

Malik's Japanese voice
Yami Malik's Japanese voice
Bakura's Japanese voice
Ryou's japanese voice
Thief King Bakura's Japanese Voice

Manga Volumes
Volume 6 (...Ryou shows :3)
Volume 7 (I call the Bakura volume X3)
Duelist Volume 9 (mostly for that one Bakura part with Yuugi X3)
ALL of the Battle City Volumes which start at duelist volume 10 (how much descriptive can I be? XP)

Ryou's First series Green eyes
Bakura's 'wings' on his hair... (very descriptive -_-;; )
Bakura's blue and white striped shirt
Malik's earrings
Malik's chain shirt
Malik's chains to use on Bakura on (XD)
Thiefshipping Doujinshies ranging from just shounen-ai to hardcore yaoi (X3 squeeee)
The Psychoshipping video recordings that Bakura denies he has (XD)
Malik's gold arm bands and gold rings around his neck

Shadow Realm
Kul Elna

Duel Monsters
Change of Heart
Revival Jam/Gel(?)
Chain Energy
Destiny Board(which has D as I found out) and the spirit messages "E" "A" "T" "H"

Yu Gi Oh: The Scared Cards

Body Parts
Malik's tanned skin
Malik's hair
Yami Malik's hair (XD)

Bakura's laugh in japanese
Malik's Birthday
Ryou's Birthday
Ryou's Cuteness
Yuugi's First Season Cuteness
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